Intermittent tactile hypersensitivity

can this be an autistic thing, if it’s intermittent? or is into my chronic illness? I’ve had these problems with materials for as long as I can remember, so before I  became chronically Ill, which suggests it’s not a symptom of my chronic illness, or if it is, it’s a symptom I had already but is now made worse by illness.

I have this thing I don’t know how to explain it, but certain materials make me so uncomfortable to the touch. It’s almost painful but it’s not exactly pain and it’s not constant. For example it will sometimes happen with towels while drying after a shower, suddenly the feeling of the towel disgusts me, for lack of a better word. Like it feels irritating to the touch, like the nerve endings in my skin are rejecting the fabric. It doesn’t happen every time I dry, but when it does I can barely stand to touch the towel. I physically cringe, I feel a need to shake the feeling away flapping my hands at the feeling, licking my fingers(don’t ask, it seems to help take the weird uncomfortable sensation away?) I get sensitivity very often in my feet, I’d say at least as far as my feet are concerned tactile hypersenstivity is a constant, with moments where materials that I normally feel okay with begin to overwhelm me to the point of pain. It happened to me just before writing this, my feet in my socks, suddenly I just couldn’tstand it, like every little bauble of material could be felt against my foot and I just had to get those socks off straight away. It felt so weird and bad it actually sent a wave of nausea to my stomach. I’m kind of weird about feet in general, especially my toe nails. The mere thought of my toe nails scraping against anything, makes me literally shudder. I can’t stand it when my nails start to grow and so I tend to keep them very short. The material in some slippers I got for Christmas, I can’t stand it the feeling of my feet against whatever fabric is used. I can wear them with socks on, but bare feet against the material? Urg. No. It’s fuckimg awful. On the other hand I love having my feet tickled, and I don’t mean that massaging type, I mean proper tickling. And no, it’s not a sexual thing!

Sorry about my bad grammar, revealing how bad I really am at this shit. But this post is just written here and now without any edits and on a tablet so no grammar help!


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