Christmas: It’s all just stuffing!

I feel closed in at Christmas time, the trees the lights, the unnecessary gifts. It seems like a mess. For the last couple of years, I’ve become increasingly agitated by the existence of stuff! Or rather, too much stuff!
I’m getting more and more run down by the accumulation of things that just one person can acquire, without even trying. Interestingly enough when I search the word ‘stuff,’ into a thesaurus one of the options it comes up with is ‘Trappings.‘  It just seems an appropriate word.
Last night I found myself watching a documentary on Netflix titled ‘Minimalism: A documentary about the important things.‘  I found it interesting because I’ve felt it for a while now, in hindsight probably for a lot longer than the last couple of years. The overwhelming accumulation of stuff, mix that with the bombardment of advertisement and the grand scale of social media, all the different ways you can get news.
It’s not just the physical world that feels cluttered, our minds do too. I’m tempted to say that adverts have never actually worked on me, not to the same extent I see in others. But I’ve probably been affected in subtle ways I’m not aware of. Off the top of my head, I can’t actually think of an advert I can remember, though, I don’t watch enough TV to see many of the ads, I don’t watch American football (I’m British though.) live. When I watch football (Soccer.) I don’t stick around in front of the TV when the ad break comes on, I go for a piss or mute the television and listen to music.
The problem with Christmas isn’t that you get gifts, it’s what the gifts are that can be the problem. I’ve tried to remain practical about what I say I want when family members ask me. It’s the other little tidbits that end up bothering me the most, the new clothes your mother insists on buying you as an added gift, for every single gift giving occasion. On the documentary mentioned earlier, there was a woman who had started a challenge where she only has 33 different outfits for 3 months. My first thought was, “33 different outfits? Fuck me that’s a lot!” But maybe that says more about me being a scruff? Still, I have a wardrobe full of more clothes than I’d wear for three months and not through choice, but through these present bringing, stuffing times!
We’re not just stuffing our homes at Christmas or our food, we’re stuffing ourselves with shit loads of food. (Shit loads is a scientific measurement). Christmas is just a stuffy time of year! I just find it to be a very ironic time of year, it certainly helps break up the winter months and make them less monotonous I suppose.


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