I’m thankful

We don’t do thanks giving in the UK. I take it from posts i’ve been too lazy to read, but from the titles alone that thankgiving has just been, is near or is here. (Really good that research aren’t ya, Matt?)

Anyway, another blogger posted a picture I enjoyed a lot. Because if you know anything about me (how do you know? Are you watching me? Why are you watching me? Give me some fucking privacy!) you know I like birds and you’ll know how much I love to make sure people know, birds ARE dinosaurs. So this picture just made my day. My life actually. It made my life. I’m thankful for this image, but most of all for dinosaurs. For Theropod dinosaurs to be specific.


I’m still going through my “i hate you nature” phase, but I still appreicate the dinosaurs existence. The same way I always appreicate dogs existence, even when i hate nature outside.


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