How does fuck know everything?

“What is life?” “Fuck knows”

Fuck is everywhere. He’s much like god, but I don’t believe in god. I believe in Fuck though. Fuck is just his shorterned name, short for Fuckery. Fuckery, much like god, is everywhere simultaneously. And Fuck knows everything!

Fuck knows what you did  last summer, and he knows what you did is fucked up. He also knows your thoughts, all of them, especically the fucked up ones. And that IS fucked up! Fuck says people give too many fucks, fuck doesn’t want to be worshipped, because fuck says that would be fucked up. Fuck says we need to just make peace with the fuckery of the world and give less fucks, fuck says this may lead to less fuckery since less fucks would be given. To which i replied “Makes sense. Because without fucks no more people would be born, hence less fucks” Fuck simply shook his head and asked if i’m really fucking listening, because I certainly don’t seem to understand what the fuck he’s saying.

I’m still trying to learn from fuck without worshipping him, which is hard. Fuck says I need to stop making things hard, I tried not to let this quip get a rise out of me, by simply not giving a fuck.

I’m still giving too many fucks, but I’m trying….. but apparently thats part of the problem.

I don’t know what the fuck i’m talking about, but i’m sure fuck knows and that comforts me.


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