My intense world

I find it very difficult to regulate my emotions.

It’s become more apparent as I’ve gotten older. Because now, while to some I’m still considered ‘young’ I’m 26 now, not 21, 22, 23 etc but 26. I’m not in my teens, I’m no a child. Yet sometimes I’m too child like, in a negative sense.

Its hard to regulate your emotions when you feel things so intensely. When the whole world feels wrong because of one minor incident. It can make me appear like a spoiled brat, it can make me seem like I’m overly dramatic.

i couldn’t regulate emotions as a kid, or as a teen. I’m overly sensitive. To be frank, I feel so fucking pathetic as a man, as a human. I really do. Do you know how painful it is to have this extreme world inside my head? I’m constantly seeking some form of comfort. Constantly having to try and soothe myself. I’m a comfort seeking misile.

But I’m also overly passionate about stuff, so much so, I end up in a state at some point about whatever it is, I end up either giving up because I can’t handle the intesity or I nearly give up, make myself look like a right fucking twit. Like calling someone up like, my dad, maybe, and crying down the phone.



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