Where do you draw the line?

The guy that lives across from me is driving me insane. I wish I could be more ignorant of it all, like the rest of my neigbours. Just ignore him and his arragonce.

Today he’s playing music on the intercom. I couldn’t hear the delivery guy because of it.

He tries to control the corridor, he’s always doing things purposely to arouse annoyance.

I’m always torn feeling sorry for him, a great source of anguish for me personally, even if he isn’t really suffering, or if i’m right, in the end though i’m tormented by it. It really messes with my head. I wish I could just be casual like everyone else here. I wish i knew what to do about it. Because I need this accommodation and the support offered with it.

I feel at a loss.

I feel disgusted with myself for it. Like I’m a nosey prying arsehole, because i’ve become so ‘involved’ I’ve told him to fuck off, I’ve confronted him nothing works.

Where do you draw the line with this stuff? When do you say someone has enough control over their actions to allow yourself to feel angry at them and be okay with the fact you feel angry at them, without feeling like their suffering too much at the same time and having it torment you? This guy rarely needs the support workers, in fact he often refuses a lot of the support offered. He seems independent despite his behaviours. That suggests some control, doesn’t it?


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